Oct 12 2011

Gas Works Park, Seattle

Seattle’s notable skyline has been recognized throughout the world ever since Tom and Meg were “Sleepless in Seattle” , and now of course because of the ever popular “Grey’s Anatomy”. So of course I couldn’t visit this city without hunting down a great spot to shoot the nighttime skyline…and a great spot I found.

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Oct 5 2011

US Roadtrip Travel Tips – Oregon Coastline

The US is absolutely huge and there are many options when planning a roadtrip. Lots of people drive along California’s scenic coast or take the famous Route 66 from Chicago to LA…but I regret to say that few travelers have Oregon very high on there list of places to visit. I know because I was one of them, but not anymore people…not any more. Oregon surprised me in more ways than one, and the magnificent and dramatic coastline was certainly one of them.

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Jan 2 2011

Pfeiffer Beach

If the Big Sur was the highlight of a trip to California, then Pfeiffer Beach was certainly a highlight of our trip to the Big Sur. This is not your typical sun drenched, white sand beach with tan, oiled up beach babes, but it is spectacular none the less. We found Pfeiffer Beach as a bit of an accident actually. While on the way to our hotel in the area, we stopped for gas at a very small gas station, where a friendly local told us about this amazing spot. A short drive, and a small walk through the woods revealed one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen.

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Dec 30 2010

US Travel Tips: California, Big Sur


When most people think of California, they think L.A., Hollywood, movie stars, sun and crowds. At least those were always my first thoughts of “The Golden State”. Most of my European friends who have traveled the US tend to fly into LA or San Fransisco and then fly over to New York, maybe hit up Disney World in Florida, and then head back home. While all of these places hold their own in the travel world, I feel like this amazing 90 mile stretch of California is highly overlooked.

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