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Dwellable Review

Over the past few years I’ve found when traveling that I (and my family) are enjoying the experience of staying in a house rather than a hotel. Something about having your own little place while being on holiday is so much nicer to me. You can cook, relax, and spread out which in my opinion makes a holiday all that much more enjoyable. For this reason I’ve started using some of the great tools out there to find places to rent when we go on trips. Dwellable is one of those great tools and they just released a new version of their travel app which makes me like them even more!

If you are planning a trip in the US, I would highly advise checking this app out. The husband and I tried it out to plan a little trip down to Key West and found it extremely user friendly and simple to use. Nothing will turn me off a website faster than over advertising and a complicated design. Simple. Is. Better. And this app is just that.

Dwellable Review2

After you open up the app, type in where you want to go and boom, there is your list. The photos are large and load fast (even with my crappy internet connection!) You can email the owner of the house right away from your phone or ipad and save your favorites with a star to refer back to at a later date… if you are like me and like to plan all your future trips while you should be working on something else.  (I am notorious for this one, just look at my pinterest travel list)

Another cool little feature is the filter button. You can filter the search with normal things such as price and number of bedrooms, and then you can also filter rentals by special features such as a pool, hot tub, ocean view, or fireplace…depending on the location. These things are of the utmost importance in my book! Our last vacation rental in Scotland sold me on the jacuzzi ;)

So if you are planning a trip and are like us and love finding your little home away from home, definitely stick this app on your phone or ipad and check it out. It doesn’t get much easier to find the perfect place to stay!



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