Jun 15 2011

Sestri Levante, Italy – Perfect European Weekend Getaway

If soaking up the Italian sun (and perhaps a little Italian wine) sounds good to you, you might want to add Sestri Levante to your list of places to visit. This little city set in the mountains along the Northern coast of Italy is perfect for a long relaxing weekend of eating, drinking, and enjoying the ocean.

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Feb 16 2011

Travel Tips Island Style, Renting Bikes

I think hopping on a bike is by far the best way to travel around an island. You get the freedom of going where ever you like much faster than walking, yet it is quieter and lets face it, much cheaper than renting a scooter or four wheeler. You don’t ever have to worry about parking, it’s better for the environment, and if you have a couple drinks, you can always walk it home ;).  Yesterday, I did something I have sadly never done in my home state…my husband and I went out to Anna Maria Island, rented bikes, and explored a place that I thought was familiar.

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