May 4 2011

Things to do in Munich – Tierpark Hellabrunn (Munich Zoo)

In my opinion, Munich’s Zoo (Tierpark) is one of the best I’ve visited. It actually feels more like a large, beautiful park with animals in it and it’s a perfect way to end a bike ride down the Isar! They have large open areas where the animals have lots of room to roam around and rather than cages in some cases, there are natural barriers such as rivers which makes the whole place feel so much nicer. It’s a beautiful place to spend an afternoon walking around and taking in all of the amazing creatures that live there.

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Mar 21 2011

Foodie Travel Tip- Naschmarkt, Vienna

Ok, this may not exactly be a “hidden” travel tip, but it’s one I will mention anyways, if not for any other reason than I love this place! If you are into food and outdoor markets, you will have to check out the Naschmarkt while in Vienna, Austria. There are two rows at about 1.5 kilometers long worth of taste bud tempting treats. Seriously, bring your appetite!

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Feb 16 2011

Travel Tips Island Style, Renting Bikes

I think hopping on a bike is by far the best way to travel around an island. You get the freedom of going where ever you like much faster than walking, yet it is quieter and lets face it, much cheaper than renting a scooter or four wheeler. You don’t ever have to worry about parking, it’s better for the¬†environment, and if you have a couple drinks, you can always walk it home ;). ¬†Yesterday, I did something I have sadly never done in my home state…my husband and I went out to Anna Maria Island, rented bikes, and explored a place that I thought was familiar.

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