Mar 28 2013

10 Travel Tips for Visiting Scotland…


Scotland is a very special place for me. Despite it’s colder climate and often cloudy skies, this is one of my favorite countries to visit. There is something special about driving through the Scottish countryside. It’s vastness and misty (ever changing) weather make for somewhat of a magical place. You can feel the history here. It runs deep in the veins of the land and the people who live here.

While I have only been to Scotland twice, I thought I’d share some of my tips for visiting this amazing country. Whether you have been to Scotland many times, or are planning your first trip, I hope some of these travel tips will help you plan your journey!

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Jun 21 2012

European must see city – Munich

(photo above: The Triumphal Arch on Leopoldstrasse)

While I have done posts on many of the cities I’ve been to around Europe such as Vienna, Biarritz, Graz, Lisbon, and San Sebastian…I was realizing the other day I haven’t properly chatted about my own city. I know I have mentioned some cafes and restaurants as well as some day trips and things to do here…but I felt like I should do a more in depth post on the place I have come to know quite well, Munich.

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Oct 19 2011

Getting “Lost” in Northern California

You are either searching for something special, or truly and utterly lost if you find yourself in Shelter Cove (otherwise known as the Lost Coast) in California. About 30 miles off of highway 1 you will find yourself in a place you can hardly believe is there. After winding through miles of forest, steep hills, and fog… just about when you are thinking to yourself “Where on Earth are we going??” , you will come out along the coast. The Lost Coast. There is little to no cell phone reception, no traffic, no stores even…just a small town on the edge of the ocean, waiting there for you to come visit and relax.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what drove us to visit this place. (Other than our little rental Kia) Niether of us had ever heard of it before, but something told us we would love it, and that we did.

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Oct 5 2011

US Roadtrip Travel Tips – Oregon Coastline

The US is absolutely huge and there are many options when planning a roadtrip. Lots of people drive along California’s scenic coast or take the famous Route 66 from Chicago to LA…but I regret to say that few travelers have Oregon very high on there list of places to visit. I know because I was one of them, but not anymore people…not any more. Oregon surprised me in more ways than one, and the magnificent and dramatic coastline was certainly one of them.

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Aug 17 2011

Austria Travel Tips: Wildkogel, Neukirchen

Last winter I came to the realization that I could have a great time in a ski town, even if I’m not a skier. The same goes for visiting the mountains in the summer. About this same time last year we traveled to Wildkogel in Neukirchen for a Mountainbike event, the Trail Masters, and I was pleasantly surprised at what a great weekend I had, even though downhill mountain biking was completely foreign to me.

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