Feb 17 2013

Visiting Nymphenburg Schlosspark in the Winter

Nymphenburg Schloss Park in Winter

The Nymphenburg Schloss (or Nymphenburg Palace) is a great stop if you are visiting Munich. The building itself is a typical tourist destination in this city, but the gardens behind it are an attraction all on their own. Even in the winter. And while there is an entry fee to visit the palace itself, the park behind the Schloss is free for everyone.

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Jan 14 2011

Surviving Munich Winters

In the summer Munich offers tons of things for people to do. You almost don’t have enough nice weather to fully enjoy everything this city has to offer. Unfortunately, for about 4-5 months out of the year it is quite nippy out and all those things become much less enticing! There is one thing that is fun and relaxing during those cold, grey months…Baths. Munich has quite a few very nice Bath Houses with everything from heated outdoor pools to spas and saunas. You almost forget that it is -5 degrees outside.

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