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Spring in the Olympia Park, Munich, Germany

Written By: Tonya - Jan• 26•11

Growing up in Florida I never really encountered spring. There is just hot, and not so hot. When I moved to Munich, I realized what an amazing time of year this really is. Winters are fairly long here, and you forget how colorful things can be until around April when everything is in full bloom. Especially in the Olympia Park.

Being a photographer, I was amazed at these bright pink trees I was seeing sporadically around the city…”but where can I get a good photo??” I really wanted to get some photographs of these flowery wonders, but I didn’t particularly want a street or house in the background. Then we rode through the Olympia park, and right about here there are a whole group of them nicely perched up on a hill. All through out the park there are pink patches and it is really amazing :)

So if your in the city around mid of April (that is when the above photos were taken), you might want to pack up a picnic, take your bikes, and head to the Olympia Park to enjoy the spring. I am counting down the days!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I love Munich! Lovely photos!

  2. Christine says:

    I absolutely love the first photo! Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful pics! We don’t quite have seasons here in California and it seems that we’re missing out (and taking 65 deg winter day for granted).

    • Tonya says:

      Thanks so much! I totally know that, I am originally from Florida, so I suppose that is why I have a small fascination for spring here! haha

  4. Marie says:

    I love these photos. Very beautiful. I´m planning a vacation to Munich next spring. :)

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  6. Beautiful cherry blossom shots.
    I love the 5th: beautiful composition with the couple hidden in there.
    I’ll be in Japan on April, and I hope to shoot some cherry blossoms there.

  7. […] love love love Spring in Munich. It’s so nice to have some color in the city again. This week should get up to 20C/69F, so […]

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