May 11 2011

Heading North in the Englischer Garten, Munich

The English Gardens in Munich are probably one of the top things to do in this city according to every “10 things to see in Munich” list there is out there, and for good reason. It is an absolutely beautiful park with lots to see and do. With that being said, it is also one of the most crowded parks in Munich. On a sunny day it is difficult to ride your bike through the throngs of people that swarm the Southern area. While this is nice if you are into people watching and enjoy the hustle and bustle of everyone soaking up the warm weather, sometimes you might want to go where there are not sooooo many other people…and in this case, I steer you North.

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Mar 25 2011

Biergarten Season in Munich

Biergartens are very special to Bavaria. If you have never been to one, let me explain. They are places where there are loads of beer benches and people gather in the summer months to share dinner and a mug of beer with some good friends until late in the evening. Biergartens offer both food and drinks, but you are allowed to bring your own picnic if you wish, as long as you purchase drinks from the garden. They are always located under beautiful chestnut trees and lights are strung from tree to tree to light up the gardens as it gets dark. In the summer, it is one of my very favorite things to do here in Munich, and probably the thing I will miss most if I ever leave. Continue reading