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Travel Tips: Christmastime in Munich

Christmas is a wonderful time to visit Munich. They really go all out and the city is decorated from “head to toe” so to speak. There are numerous Christmas Markets and festivities all over town and while the main Christkindlmarkt at Marienplatz is the most popular, I thought I’d share with you some of my […]

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Streetlife Festival Munich, Ex & Hop Contest

I always enjoy going to outdoor city events when the weather is nice. Whether it be a farmer’s market, art show, or beer tasting festival (yes, there is such a magical thing) I always love it when I accidentally stumble into something like that on a nice day when maybe we didn’t know what to […]

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Olympia Flea Market in Munich

I love flea markets. You just never know what you might find there. Every week in Munich there is a great flea market in the Olympia Park Stadium parking lot, open on Friday and Saturday 7am – 4pm, rain or shine (and in Munich’s case, sometimes snow). These people are hardcore, I’ve seen the booths […]

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A Few Travel Tips for Munich’s Oktoberfest (Wies’n)

The last two weeks of September are an oh so happy time for me. It’s time for the world’s largest bier drinking festival, Oktoberfest. For the last 5 years I have gone here and among my beers, fuzzy memories, and newly made friends, I have also figured out a thing or two about the best […]

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Winter Tollwood in Munich

Every summer in Munich I make it a point to visit the Summer Tollwood festival. It is an artsy, colorful festival with an abundance of fun things to spend money on, tasty food stands, and nightly music performances. I love it!  The Winter Tollwood Festival on the other hand I had never attended until this past […]

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