May 30 2012

Europe Travel Tips: Leogang, Austria

There is no doubt that I am utterly in love with Austria. I have done quite a few posts on different cities and villages that are wonderful to visit even if your not an avid skier or mountain biker. (Although if you are, that is definitely an added bonus!) Leogang is another one of those very special places which are well worth visiting if you are planning a trip to this amazing country.

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Sep 6 2011

Streetlife Festival Munich, Ex & Hop Contest

I always enjoy going to outdoor city events when the weather is nice. Whether it be a farmer’s market, art show, or beer tasting festival (yes, there is such a magical thing) I always love it when I accidentally stumble into something like that on a nice day when maybe we didn’t know what to do. This weekend in Munich is the annual Streetlife Festival and even more interesting, the Ex & Hop Contest, which is a fun BMX and MTB contest / show held by some of my close friends every year.

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Apr 14 2011

Photo Tour of Thun & Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful place in both winter and summer. I have had the pleasure of visiting two of its smaller towns, Thun and Interlaken a few times over the past couple of years and I am always stunned by the beauty in this area. The two cities are located at opposite ends of the Thunersee (Lake of Thun, pictured above) and even though they are quite close, they both have different things to offer visiting tourists.

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