Jan 9 2014

Eat Local with Farm to Table Dinners in Bradenton, Florida

Farm to Table Dinner Bradenton

If you are in Florida and looking for a unique and special dining experience, you should definitely do dinner on the farm. In Bradenton, Florida, King Family Farms has joined up with The Loft 5 to offer Farm to Table dinners and let you have a dining experience unlike any other…

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May 2 2012

Live Music, Bradenton Florida

While Bradenton, Florida might not be the most sought after destination…it does have it’s hidden jewels. The beaches are beautiful (and there is actually parking), the people are friendly, and now to add another to that list…you can find some great live music here. Downtown consists of about 5 or 6 bars, all of which are decent, but on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, something special happens and the sounds of blues and swing come out of Corks cigar bar. You almost can’t help but be drawn in…

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Mar 17 2012

Seattle Travel Tips – Hiking at Rattlesnake Ridge

I must start off this post by telling you I know nothing about hiking. Nothing. Which is actually quite sad being that I live 45 minutes away from the Alps. Maybe because I am from flat Florida, I was always a bit intimidated by the thought. Which, I now realize, was very silly of me. After some awesome friends of ours took us on our first hiking trip in Washington at Rattlesnake Ridge…I can now without a doubt say, I will be doing this wayyyy more often!

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Dec 9 2011

Great Views in San Francisco

In September we visited one of my very favorite cities, San Francisco. It was our second time here and I couldn’t wait to explore more of this vibrant area. Like when visiting most larger cities for the first times, you feel a bit lost. We sadly didn’t know anyone living here, so we were on our own when it came to exploring. While driving around the area of Golden Gate Park we stumbled across Baker and China Beaches which are small sandy beaches with stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and surprisingly not crowded!

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Nov 14 2011

Seattle – A Photo Tour

Our visit to Seattle was short and sweet. Other than finding an amazing spot to see the skyline and hang-out at Gas Works Park, we felt a little lost as one usually does the first time visiting a larger city. I really enjoyed seeing this city for the first time and hope we will return again one day to get to know it better. As a photographer I feel sometimes a photo is worth more than words…so as I’ve done a few times before here and here, a photo tour of our day in Seattle.

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