Munich with a view.

When visiting cities I always like to go somewhere with a nice view if possible. The view from the Alter Peter Church in the city center offers some of the best views in Munich. I hesitated to put this on my blog for a long time because I thought, this isn’t really a hidden travel treasure. ¬†Certainly everyone who comes here knows about it and goes to the top. But after talking with some friends who had lived in the city for some time, I realized that it might not be as well known as I thought. So I thought I certainly must mention it, as it is one of my favorite things to do in the city.

It’s a pretty far climb to the top and the staircases are very narrow at certain points…but the view, the view is worth it. On a clear day (as in the photo above) you can see the alps in the background. It’s quite beautiful, this country, and for only 2 Euros you can see it for yourself. Definitely something worth checking out if your here in Munich…not to mention a great way to burn off some of the beer and schweinebraten you probably have consumed while visiting the city. ;)

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