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Bavaria Travel Tips- Partnachklamm (Partnach Gorge)

Written By: Tonya - Jan• 05•11

The Partnachklamm (or Partnach Gorge in English) is located in the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen about an hours drive outside of Munich. It is a beautiful area that is well worth the visit if you are in Bavaria and have already worn yourself out on castles. ;) The Partnach River runs through this gorge and is about 2,300 feet long with limestone walls that reach about 260 feet high. Visitors can walk along a cut out tunnel that runs along side the river and take in all the amazing scenery.

The Partnachklamm is open year round (with the exception of a short time during spring when the ice is melting), and is apparently quite beautiful in the winter. I have only been able to visit during the summer months, but I think I will be making another trip soon. It is always quite chilly when walking through the tunnel, so even if it is hot out, be sure and bring a jacket.  If your ambitious you can hike a few trails in the area, and there is also a great little restaurant/hotel at the top to have lunch with an amazing view. (Pictured below)

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  1. Jane says:

    Nice picture!! Partnachklamm is a spectacular natural wonders lies in the Bavarian Alps. You can walk the length of the George along a path which is just a few meters above the river, its best go on sunny day as you could get to see the sunbeams play off the rocks and falling water. It is equally amazing in winter season, Ice from the waterfalls freezes and the walls of the George get converted into a stalactite, which worth’s seeing.

    • Tonya says:

      Thanks so much! I agree on going when it’s sunny as well! I have never been in the winter, but I heard its pretty amazing as well…maybe next year I will have to check it out! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Gene says:

    Just a short question. How much time you need to walk from a hotel near The Ski Stadium over the Gorge and come back. No hiking, just go over the gorge.

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