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Europe Travel Tips- Budapest, Tom Giorge Italiano Restaurant

Written By: Tonya - Jan• 27•11

Todays post and photography actually come from a guest writer and good friend of mine, DaniO. I think the more valuable information I have on this this site the better for everyone! She recently traveled to Budapest and found a great little spot to have dinner and drinks. It sounds awesome, I will have to check it out when I go there! This is what she had to say:

We were kind of amazed when we entered the Restaurant Tom Giorge Italiano in the city center of Budapest, in one of the most beautiful streets the Okt√≥ber 6 utca. Not enough that Budapest outshines Paris and London with it’s mix of Art Deco and Art Nouveau buildings, it’s impressive squares, the famous ancient quarter upon the hill with the gigantic palace, the wide georgous streets where you still can feel a breeze of the K&K glory and…. This is to much for this post. Go and experience it. After we did that, we accidentally entered the restaurant and felt like in a different world again. It’s like Hemingway would sit on a leather couch in an Italian restaurant in New York in the 20s. Super nice atmosphere, amazing food, an enourmous variety of selected spirits with an even bigger menu and very friendly service. Let alone that the drinks were really good. The interior is exceptional, the light comfortable and the smell of the wood-oven pizza does the rest…

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