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Travel Tips Island Style, Renting Bikes

Written By: Tonya - Feb• 16•11

I think hopping on a bike is by far the best way to travel around an island. You get the freedom of going where ever you like much faster than walking, yet it is quieter and lets face it, much cheaper than renting a scooter or four wheeler. You don’t ever have to worry about parking, it’s better for the environment, and if you have a couple drinks, you can always walk it home ;).  Yesterday, I did something I have sadly never done in my home state…my husband and I went out to Anna Maria Island, rented bikes, and explored a place that I thought was familiar.

This post is not only written for those of you out there who might ever visit Florida or the area of Anna Maria Island, it is also for you locals who love those Florida days when the weather is perfect and aren’t sure what to do to fully enjoy the day. Get your butts out to the beach, rent a bike for the day and enjoy this place you live in!

We rented our bikes from the incredibly nice people at Beach Bums Rentals (pictured above). There are other places to choose from as well, but the service here was excellent and I would definitely go here again. It was 14 dollars for the whole day of a bike rental (which gets cheaper by the week), and when I lost my lock, the owner was there in a flash to give me a new one and was really nice about it even though they had warned me how easy they are to lose. Oops :)

As we explored this Island that I basically grew up on, I realized how little I really knew. We found a little hidden beach where our only friend was a white egret. We also found a great coffee shop that I never knew was there and had a really nice day getting some sun and exploring. So if you are in Florida, or any other island for that matter, hop on a bike and cruise around. Its by far the best way to check out the area!

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  1. Katherina says:

    These are EXACTLY the kind of days I’m hoping for! Loved the pictures, too -Florida is so colorful ! I have to go back, but next time during summer (last winter was a bit cold for me…)

  2. Yeah it is always nice to get to know the place by bicycle… Great photos btw!

  3. Awesome place for bike tour.. love the photos and keep on posting!

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