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Europe Travel Tips- San Sebastian, Spain

Written By: Tonya - Jan• 17•11

Sun, sand, surf, tapas…what more does a person need? In my opinion, not much. I suppose this is why the picturesque city of San Sebastian is one of  my very favorite spots! Located in the heart of the Basque area of Spain, this place has it all. If you are looking for a place to spend a long weekend, you might want to consider putting this one on your list. San Sebastian is one of those small/big cities in my opinion. Even though it isn’t very big (about 185,000 people live there), it really has a lot to offer. There are beautiful beaches, great surf, and a lively culture.

I first visited San Sebastian when I was backpacking around Europe in 2005 and it was love a first bite! The laid back attitude and lunchtime siesta culture lured me in. “What is it you say? Everyone eats a lovely lunch, maybe drinks some wine, takes a little nap, and then goes on with their day??”  What a concept. If your in Spain, you will notice that everything is closed down between 1-3 or 4. The people of this region take the mid day siesta seriously. And being a person who loves to nap, I find it charming.

Another charming quality of San Sebastian is the old town. It is an area of town where there are no cars (possibly because they would not fit into the narrow passages), and tons of tapas bars and nightlife. When I returned here in 2006 with my husband, this is pretty much where we spent most of our time, eating tapas, drinking Spanish wine, and people watching. It was amazing.

While your in San Sebastian be sure to also take a hike up to the top of Mount Urgull to take in the breathtaking views of the Bay of Biscay. (pictured above) There are also castle ruins at the top and it is well worth the 20 minute trek!  It is a great place to take in the views, so pack a picnic and head to the top and enjoy!

Another little travel tip if your on a budget is to stay at Olga’s Place. It is a great hostel with very friendly owners who were extremely helpful when I stayed there. If your a young traveler or looking to meet some people while your in town, this is a great budget option!

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  1. Sabella says:

    I want to go here!!

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