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European must see city – Munich

Written By: Tonya - Jun• 21•12

(photo above: The Triumphal Arch on Leopoldstrasse)

While I have done posts on many of the cities I’ve been to around Europe such as Vienna, Biarritz, Graz, Lisbon, and San Sebastian…I was realizing the other day I haven’t properly chatted about my own city. I know I have mentioned some cafes and restaurants as well as some day trips and things to do here…but I felt like I should do a more in depth post on the place I have come to know quite well, Munich.


Europe Travel Tips: Leogang, Austria

Written By: Tonya - May• 30•12

There is no doubt that I am utterly in love with Austria. I have done quite a few posts on different cities and villages that are wonderful to visit even if your not an avid skier or mountain biker. (Although if you are, that is definitely an added bonus!) Leogang is another one of those very special places which are well worth visiting if you are planning a trip to this amazing country.


Hidden Florida: Pass-a-grille Island

Written By: Tonya - May• 15•12

If your looking for a tucked away spot to spend your Florida vacation, maybe you should consider Pass-a-grille. Located on the Gulf side of the state, an island just off St. Pete, you will find a one block wide and a few miles long stretch of pure Florida heaven. Nestled between long, white sandy Gulf beaches on one side and the Boca Ciega Bay on the other, it is probably one of the prettiest spots in the area.


Florida Travel Tips, Whitney Beach, Longboat Key

Written By: Tonya - May• 07•12

Not all Florida beaches are created equal. Some have great surf, some are beautiful but are difficult to access…but there is one spot on the central gulf coast that has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. That is Whitney Beach on Longboat Key. The sand is white and soft, the water is gorgeous, and there is hardly ever anyone there.


Live Music, Bradenton Florida

Written By: Tonya - May• 02•12

While Bradenton, Florida might not be the most sought after destination…it does have it’s hidden jewels. The beaches are beautiful (and there is actually parking), the people are friendly, and now to add another to that list…you can find some great live music here. Downtown consists of about 5 or 6 bars, all of which are decent, but on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, something special happens and the sounds of blues and swing come out of Corks cigar bar. You almost can’t help but be drawn in…


Munich with a view.

Written By: Tonya - Apr• 11•12

When visiting cities I always like to go somewhere with a nice view if possible. The view from the Alter Peter Church in the city center offers some of the best views in Munich. I hesitated to put this on my blog for a long time because I thought, this isn’t really a hidden travel treasure.  Certainly everyone who comes here knows about it and goes to the top. But after talking with some friends who had lived in the city for some time, I realized that it might not be as well known as I thought. So I thought I certainly must mention it, as it is one of my favorite things to do in the city.

It’s a pretty far climb to the top and the staircases are very narrow at certain points…but the view, the view is worth it. On a clear day (as in the photo above) you can see the alps in the background. It’s quite beautiful, this country, and for only 2 Euros you can see it for yourself. Definitely something worth checking out if your here in Munich…not to mention a great way to burn off some of the beer and schweinebraten you probably have consumed while visiting the city. ;)

Alpine Lake, Walchensee, Germany

Written By: Tonya - Apr• 05•12

There are numerous beautiful lakes around Munich. Starnbergersee is lovely, but often full of people and quite difficult to find a nice spot to stay for the day. This can of course be the case with any of the lakes on a gorgeous, sunny day…but I did find that one lake seemed to be quite a lot less crowded than the others, Walchensee.