Feb 20 2012

Hotel Review: Makanda by the Sea in Costa Rica

If you are going to Costa Rica and are looking for somewhere a little extra special to stay, I can highly recommend Hotel Makanda by the Sea. We stayed here for our visit during Christmas and could not have been happier. It was absolutely perfect. From the tropical setting to the spacious rooms, they really don’t leave out one detail!

(Photo above: view from our room)

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Jan 27 2012

Pura Vida – Travel Tips from Costa Rica

Ever since I was a teenager I can remember wanting to visit Costa Rica. At the surf shop where I worked, the owners would take their family on a yearly excursion to this place that sounded so wonderful that I would be consumed with jealously. I wanted to go so badly. Finally, this past Christmas, my family and I visited this magical place and I was not let down. Not one bit. Continue reading