Dec 20 2011

Europe Travel Tips – Christmastime in Salzburg

While I am a bit partial to Christmastime in Munich, there are definitely many great places to see this time of year in the German/Austrian area which will most certainly get you into the holiday spirit, Salzburg being one of them. Last week a friend and I went to explore the Salzburg Christmas markets and it was no disappointment. The streets are filled with lights and decorations, amazing smells fill the air, and there is an overall holiday vibe everywhere.

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Aug 17 2011

Austria Travel Tips: Wildkogel, Neukirchen

Last winter I came to the realization that I could have a great time in a ski town, even if I’m not a skier. The same goes for visiting the mountains in the summer. About this same time last year we traveled to Wildkogel in Neukirchen for a Mountainbike event, the Trail Masters, and I was pleasantly surprised at what a great weekend I had, even though downhill mountain biking was completely foreign to me.

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Aug 5 2011

Camping at Achensee, Austria

When I was younger, and still to this day, one of my favorite things to do was to go camping. Growing up in Florida though left me with a longing to camp in a place with soft grass, blue lakes, mountains, and perhaps not so many bugs. Last year I finally got my chance. Some friends and I packed up the car and drove an hour and a half south of Munich to Achensee in Austria and went camping for the weekend…and let me tell you, it was perfect.

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May 18 2011

Where To Stay In Salzburg, Hotel Gmachl

If you happen to be looking for someplace a little special and out of the ordinary to stay at when traveling to Salzburg, look no further than the Gmachl Hotel & Spa.  My husband and I stayed here last weekend for our first wedding anniversary, and while it’s certainly not a budget hotel, I believe it was worth every penny.

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Apr 28 2011

Europe Travel Tips: A Day In Graz

I have traveled to Vienna quite a few times now, and while it still holds as one of my very favorite cities, Graz certainly impressed me. I was only in Graz for 1 1/2 days but I would love to go back and see this city again. The brightly colored, intricately designed architecture is  beautiful and the city itself is very inviting. I wasn’t bothered at all to wander the streets by myself after meeting a friend for coffee.

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